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Licensing and Regulating of Places for the Dismantling, Wrecking, and Disposal of Automobiles, and of Junk and/or Refuse Material.
Building Code
Zoning Ordinance including Appendix B
Regulating the Outdoor Storage of Dismantled, Partially Dismantled or Inoperable Motor Vehicles, Machinery and Equipment
Regulating Outdoor Assemblies.
The Partitioning or Division of any Lot, Outlot or Parcel of Land in a Recorded Plat
Establishing the Fiscal Year
Public Entertainment Ordinance
Pornographic Material Control Ordinance
Enforcing Agency: State Building, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing
Regulating Year Round Occupancy of Trailer Coaches, Mobile Homes and Relocatable Homes.
Consumers Power Company Gas Franchise Ordinance
Regulation of Garage, Yard and Rummage Sales
Mobile Structure Ordinance
Hazardous Materials Incident Ordinance
Property Maintenance Code
Hartford Township ZEA Amendment Ordinance
Hartford Township Optional Township Group Insurance Plan
Hartford Township Cemetery Ordinance
Hartford Township Amplified Noise Ordinance
Ordinance Enforcement Officer
Adoption of Michigan Housing Law
Peddlers and Miscellaneous Occupations Ordinance
Land Division Ordinance
Confirm the Establishment of a Planning Commission with Zoning Authority
Municipal Civil Infraction Ordinance
Noxious Weed and Uncontrolled Plant Growth Ordinance
Amendment to Noxious Weed and Uncontrolled Plant Growth Ordinance
Litter & Vehicle Machinery Storage Ordinance
Moratorium on Medical Marihuana Ordinance
Outdoor Event & Assembly Ordinance
Cemetery Ordinance
Ordinances that are not listed are either amendments or they have been repealed. Copies of these ordinances are available by contacting the Zoning Administrator or the Township Clerk.