Township Supervisor, Ron Sefcik
Statutory Duties: Moderates board and annual meetings, chief assessing officer (if certified), secretary to board of review, townships legal agent, maintains records of supervisor's office, responsible for tax allocation board budget (if applicable), develops township budget, appoints some commission members, may call special meetings, may appoint a deputy.
Township Clerk, Julie Sweet
Statutory Duties: Maintains custody of all township records, maintains general ledger, prepares warrants for township checks, records and maintains township meeting minutes, keeps the township book of oaths, responsible for special meeting notices, publishes board meeting minutes, keeps voter registration file and conducts elections, keeps township ordinances book, prepares financial statements, delivers tax certificates to supervisor and county clerk by September 30, shall appoint a deputy, shall post a surety bond.
Township Treasurer, Steve Starner
Statutory Duties: Collects real and personal property taxes, receives receipts for township expenditures, issues township checks, deposits township revenues in approved depositories, invests township funds in approved investment vehicles, collects delinquent personal property tax, responsible for jeopardy assessments in collecting property tax, collects mobile home specific tax, shall appoint a deputy, shall post a surety bond.
Township Trustee's, Kurt Dowd & John McLellan
Statutory Duties: Township legislator, required to vote on all issues, responsible for township's fiduciary health, other duties as assigned by board.
Deputy Clerk:  Crystal Cowgill
Deputy Treasurer:  Becky Hotovy
Planning Commission:
Marion Getz (Chair)
Roxanne Soden (Vice-Chair)
Trever Meachum (Secretary)
Mike Banic
Kurt Dowd
Susan Layer
Finis "Tad" Moody
Zoning Board of Appeals:
Robbie Harting
John McLellan
Finis "Tad" Moody
Board of Review:
Randy Kime
Bob Kilburn
Doug Meachum
Road Committee:
Marion Getz
Dave Norden
Ron Sefcik
Medic 1 Board Representative:
Ron Sefcik
Fire Board:
Steve Starner
Chad Hunt
Hartford District Library Board Representative:
Faith Dowd
Ellen Friday
James Jonatzke